10 Pinoy Celebs and Their Unbelievable Hollywood Lookalikes

There’s a hypothesis that every one of us aren’t that one of a kind, and there’s really 7 individuals on the planet who look a considerable measure like you. Would this be able to be valid? Do we quite have 7 doppelgangers around the globe? We may never know without a doubt. In any case, what we do know, is that there’s a considerable amount of celebs who look shockingly comparable and offer certain facial components. How about we investigate these 10 Pinoy celebs and their Hollywood twins.

10 Pinoy Celebs and Their Unbelievable Hollywood Lookalikes

1. Walter Demesa and Joseph Gordon Levitt

Despite the fact that these two don’t look like twins, you can positively tell there’s a great deal of closeness in their facial components. Both the Canadian raised Filipino stud and the Hollywood performing artist look dazzling. Maybe it’s their quirky chic style or the shrewd look all over? In any case, these two men have caught our consideration, as well as a ton of ladies’ souls.

2. Agot Isidro and Julia Roberts

Agot won’t not be also referred to around the word as Julia Roberts, however she’s surely understood in the Philippines. Despite the fact that she’s not a Hollywood star, she has the searches for it. Who knows, perhaps in a parallel Universe she’s the one shooting motion pictures with Richard Gere. You can’t deny that these two exquisite ladies resemble the other alike. The hair, the lips, that knowing look in their eyes. The similarity is uncanny.

3. Donita Rose and Audrey Hepburn

Donita Rose has been contrasted with Audrey Hepburn a couple times and it’s nothing unexpected. Take a gander at these pretty ladies. Their magnificence is immortal and rich. They don’t require splendid eyeshadow and huge amounts of cosmetics to look awesome. Their characteristic look and class is the thing that gave them the title of magnificence symbols.

4. Kris Lawrence and Taeyang

Not just are these 2 folks extraordinarily capable artists, however you must concede they seem to be comparative. Taeyang might’ve tried different things with his style all the more, however on this photograph they appear as though they could be Kris Lawrence’s sibling from another mother. Yes, Taeyang isn’t precisely “Hollywood” , however we simply needed to incorporate him, in light of the fact that the likeness is crazy! Simply take a gander at that spiky hair!

5. Sarah Lahbati and Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has a great many fans everywhere throughout the world on account of her look, thus ought to Sarah Lahbati. All things considered, the Filipino celeb is a significant marvel. It appears that of late, Sarah has been intuition the same thing. You can unmistakably see her receiving cosmetics traps and molding in an approach to looks more like Angelina Jolie. Then again maybe she’s simply highlighting her best elements, which simply happen to be the same as Jolie’s. Take a gander at those delicious lips, simply asking to be kissed. These women have surely been honored with lips that will make men insane.

10 Pinoy Celebs and Their Unbelievable Hollywood Lookalikes

6. Bea Binene and Selena Gomez

This is not how Selena Gomez looks nowadays, but rather it is what she looked like back when she was the same age as Bea. Selena has grown up and turned into a much more wonderful lady now, and taking a gander at Bea, we’re all simply holding up to perceive how this exquisite young lady will grow up. Will she settle on the same decisions and embrace a comparative style or will she go in a totally diverse bearing? In any case, these two could’ve been sisters for all we know.

7. Georgina Wilson and Leighton Meester

It’s not mystery that Georgina Wilson has been contrasted with Leighton Meester. To be much more particular, she’s been contrasted with Leighton’s Character in Gossip Girl – Blair Waldorf. Them two share a fundamentally the same as face shape and a significant comparative, rich way of life.

8. Max Collins and Lana Del Rey

Both Max Collins and Lana Del Rey have a touch of a supernatural look about them. It resembles they know something, whatever is left of us, mortals, weren’t told. However, their visual closeness is very striking, would it say it isn’t? The state of their lips, their eyes, even their cheekbones seem to be comparable, wouldn’t you say?

10 Pinoy Celebs and Their Unbelievable Hollywood Lookalikes

9. Janine Gutierrez and Mila Kunis

Despite the fact that Janine Gutierrez doesn’t generally seem as though this, and this is clearly a styled photograph shoot, you can positively tell that it draws out her best components. Along these lines she looks a great deal like Mila Kunis, isn’t that right? It’s the eyes, isn’t that so? Those huge, awesome eyes, that make them resemble the other alike.

10. Pokwang and Lucy Liu

Wouldn’t you say that Pokwang, the well known Filipino entertainer, looks a great deal like Lucy Liu? Their facial structure is so comparative it’s mind boggling. The main thing that is truly astonishing is that Pokwang looks more seasoned, despite the fact that she’s really more youthful than Lucy Liu. Pokwang is 42 and Lucy is 47. Wonder in the event that it’s their magnificence administration or their qualities that are in charge of that.

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