What Are The Buyer Objections Against The Ecommerce Retailers?

Over the years, the e-commerce business has grown by leaps and bounds. Today’s e-commerce ventures know how to entice the customers, keep them engaged in their services and products and draw more of them with better marketing strategies.

E-commerce in 2017 is no more just about showcasing stuff through a website but there is an array of areas where the entrepreneurs can make a big difference to the shopping behavior of the customers.

And talking about the customers, their expectation is beyond any measure. Once they have adapted to the new eco-system, their hunger for better service will escalate. The consequence will be the demand for more facilities and hassle-free shopping experience. Once they are not achieved, the pleasure will be turned into pangs.  

Though it sounds quite ironical the truth is that even the e-commerce is yet to showcase its full-fledged experience, already there are objections against it.

Majority of the objections have centered on the poor logistic services.

The way the e-commerce services have expanded, logistic service is yet to match the pace. Though there are several startups who are hustling hard to bring a holistic change, there is yet to have a clear breakthrough. Needless to say, this poor and incompetent delivery system have courted many objections.

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Faster Delivery:- Logistic service is one of the biggest concerns for modern day buyers. While the feature-rich e-commerce websites have made their shopping journey easy, the delivery of the products is yet to provide much agility.  They are in quest of something revolutionary which will not keep them awaiting for days and nights and will be able to serve the purpose quickly.


Less option in Delivery:- This is another big hassle for the shoppers. The logistic service providers don’t have many options so far. It’s pretty basic relying on a pre-decided meeting place, mostly the office or home to deliver the product. There is a cry for making the process more functional by adding different ways to deliver the products.


Less Coverage:- Technology has blurred the lines of distance. One who has the device and connection can now easily register and shop from different online stores from anywhere, however remote it is. Question is, will they get their products delivered there? Do those e-commerce ventures have the adequate mechanism to deliver the products? This is a big grievance of the buyers. E-commerce entered with a promise to make the shopping hassle-free. But, due to their remote location, they are not having any access to the e-commerce benefits.


The less coverage is not limited to the remote place. The e-commerce ventures often miss the golden chance to have an international audience. While a better logistic service would be able to give them a breakthrough.


Logistic is the game changer and decider of modern-day e-commerce competition. Even though the battle is cut-throat, a better logistic service can give you more customers and bury all of their objections.

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